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EN:Hello, I am a wikimedian by the username Camouflaged Mirage. Please feel free to approach me for any help or issues regarding my editing. You may leave a note on my talkpages (meta or projects). I am not that active recently due to personal issues, however, I will strive to respond as soon as possible. Sorry for the delay. For urgent need, do ping me on IRC if I am there. Email disabled globally so apologies if you cannot send me an email.


  • For people who wish to contact me: Here first (Meta talkpage), followed by IRC with the nick Cohaf, and email on meta if necessary (it's only enabled here)
  • For admins:If I made any administrative actions that any admin feel that it should be reversed, feel free to do so if you feel appropriate. I trust your judgement. I allow reversals of all actions without consultation with me unless explicitly stated by me.
  • My recall: Should my activity falls below 10 logged actions / 3 months (not withstanding meta provisions), please feel free to remove the sysop rights from this account.
  • What I can't do: I have no jurisdiction over content on this wiki and any other Wikimedia Foundation wikis. I cannot remove, rewrite or update any pages here not in accordance to the Foundation Principles. Neither can I override any community processes just because I am an administrator. I also don't have any abilities to publish correction notices about those pages. If I am compelled to do so, I will just resign as an administrator. I only work here based on what the community wants. Should I do anything that the community at large / WMF feels that it is not appropriate, I will be removed of the access. For queries, please forward to legal(_AT_)wikimedia.org.